Here We Grow Preschool

Playing and Learning Go Hand-in-Hand

Opening Group

This time together allows us to begin our day with a greeting and a smile. Activities during opening group may include calendar time, book sharing, writing practice, listening activities, and music.

Snack Time

This is a very language-rich part of our day. A nutritious snack time, not only provides the opportunity to learn healthy eating habits, but also encourages students to practice social language and manners.


Sometimes known as work time, this is a child-led, play-based part of the day. Students choose an area of the classroom to play in, and are encouraged to expand play schemes, social play, and time engaged in an activity. The teacher may invite a student during this time to participate in a one-on-one activity and/or assessment.

Small Groups

Students are divided into two groups to enjoy special activities and projects related to the current theme. Groups may participate in art projects, book sharing/making, games, and pre-academic activities.

Large Group

Gross and fine motor movement is the focus of our large group time. We will engage in outdoor play as much as possible, but if weather is inclement, we will head inside to move and play.